Weight Loss Diet Log – Eat Healthy, Feel Awesome!

Everyone wants to look and feel their best. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was described to have had no belly even at the age of 63 and said that obesity is the root of diseasemodern medicine agrees. The message of Islam provides us with the solution to all our problems, including having a healthy weight. All you have to do is follow the Sunnah  ❤

Some of the food etiquette that Islam teaches us is to:

  1. Not eat unless we are hungry, and when we eat to not fill our stomachs.

    ” O Children of Adam! wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer: eat and drink: But waste not by excess, for Allah loveth not the wasters. ” Quran (7:31)

  2. Our tummy should have no more than 1/3 food, 1/3 water and the rest is for air. (note: your stomach can hold about a liter of fluid. So you should eat/drink no more than 333 ml worth of food/drink)
  3. We should sit while eating, chew slowly, and not eat alone.

I have designed this Weekly Health Log to track my food intake, weight, water consumption, BMI and workouts. Initially I had looked around for a planner that I can just download. When I didn’t find anything that had ALL I needed, I decided to make my own.


Feel free to download it for your personal use, but if you are sharing it online please source me. 🙂 Just click this link:


P.s. I’m working on a 2015 Planner, which I will share hopefully before the end of December. STAY TUNED!


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